Step up to Atlantis CDF for cloud-based applications. Move the complex integrations with enterprise systems to a whole new level of scalability with minimal configurations and maintenance overhead.

Let us walk you through how that would look like with an overview test drive.

Custom Development Framework, What is it?

The custom development framework comes with multiple components with modularity to fuse the theme

A Supported Software, an upgradeable software integrates applications with industry standard messaging systems like RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, works with Telerik and bridges services to scales even large complex enterprise level applications.

A Development Toolkit comes with simple configuration yet highly efficient and capable of developing new cloud-based applications. Advanced capabilities to further extend integrations without much customization is its one of the core strengths.

A Framework, with proven architecture, perfect blend for configuring and developing different business use cases which were cautiously developed using industry level best practices and design patterns followed.

Ready for Deployment, connect and go deploy enables rapid deployments with a complete support for building ERP, CRM, and other cloud-based solutions. Customized support for integrating with other third-party application.

Key Features of CDF:

  • Code generator based on Data Models.
  • Automated JASON Schema generated for configured properties.
  • Start-up Configurations automatically mapped to respective applications.
  • APIs, Interfaces, Models, and implementations grouped as per business and Functional Modules – depending on the requirement definitions.
  • Simple Container deployment model.
  • Authentications, Authorizations, and configurable claims depend on the client and workflow.

Benefits of CDF:

  • Nearly 60% savings in development time and cost.
  • Easy to integrate with any front-end frameworks.
  • Multi-Platform support: Linux, Windows, and MAC.
  • Ease of maintenance with Tools, Technologies, Patterns.
  • Boosts Quality, Consistency across developers to adhere to standards leading to overall code quality.