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Automate and Optimize Business with BM Cloud ERP

BM Cloud ERP  is an easy-to-use system designed to automate every facet of Retail and Distribution Business. A complete automation solution designed to optimize Business for Order Processing, Inventory Tracking across multiple warehouses and locations, integrated with Warehouse Management devices Scanners, Printers, Customer Portals, and e Commerce suites.

BM Cloud Benefits

  • No additional hardware costs; the processing power required to run the applications is supplied by Atlantis
  • Usage is scalable Business Manager is designed to easily scale so that you don’t have to worry about peak loads or future growth disrupting your business. Easily handling millions of complex business and e-commerce transactions per day, Business Manager can accommodate even the largest of distribution, procurement and retail environments.
  • Cross device compatibility; BM Cloud can be accessed via any internet enabled device, which makes it ideal for those who use a number of different devices, such as internet enabled phones and tablets, and those who don’t always use the same computer.
  • Audit, Control & Archive Critical business transactions and documents are required to be archived for extended periods of time, often several years or more. With hundreds of thousands of transactions per day, this can overwhelm less capable systems. Business Manager automatically logs all transactions and archives all information required for future audits.

  • Pay for what you use; if a piece of software is only needed for a limited period then it is only paid for over that period and subscriptions can usually be halted at any time.
  • Updates are automated; whenever there is an update it is available online to existing customers, often free of charge. No new software will be required as it often is with other types of applications and the updates will usually be deployed automatically by the cloud provider.
  • Applications can be customized and whitelabelled; with some software, customization is available meaning it can be altered to suit the needs and branding of a particular customer.
  • Secure Business communication needs to be private, fully authenticated and secure. Business Manager includes Oracle initiated encryption technology to provide maximum levels of security for all your business transactions.