A prominent electronics manufacturer wanted to integrate their core ERP systems on SAP with Magento ecommerce portals.

    Atlantis built custom modules to integrate the order management and associated data between the systems.

    The client was able to provide users across multiple geographies with a consistent user experience and efficient order management process, while all the data was consolidated into the organization’s core ERP systems.


  • Magento for B2B customers site integration with SAP.

  • Support customers across different count.

  • Situation

  • Orders and delivery tracked through emails and calls.

  • Sales over head leading to high prices.

  • Delay in deliveries.

  • Solution

  • Developed B2B site with Magento 2.

  • Custom Module to integrate SAP.

  • Pricing and Taxation based on Country.

  • Real time synchronization based on event.

  • Results

  • Increase in Customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Pricing and taxes based on User and Country.

  • Substantial increase in On time delivery