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Digital commerce solutions to meet modern retail requirements

E-Commerce applications and digital commerce solutionsare being adopted at a fast pace. Apart from selling on online marketplaces, companies are strategizing to build their own e-commerce portals so they have better control on the tools, technologies, services and consumers of their products and services. Atlantis has three decades of IT experience and enables companies build B2B and B2C e-commerce portals with modern tools and latest technologies.

Ecommerce development company with decades of experience

Popular tools built into e-commerce systems are digital payment processing systems, email marketing platforms, analytics and tracking, shipping service integrations, social media management, customer relationship management software.As an ecommerce development company our e-commerce solutions are based on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, 3dCart, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and more.

Expert digital commerce consulting services for retail companies

Organizations have rapidly adopted e-commerce technologies to evolve according to market needs. Emerging technologies have transformed the way e-commerce applications are architected and implemented. Atlantis digital commerce consulting services supports companies with design and development of e-commerce applications and enables them to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Ecommerce consulting and services for digital transformation

Atlantis enables e-commerce companies to deliver compelling customer experiences through digital platforms across all channels. Our ecommerce consulting and servicesprovides benefits of accelerated time-to-market and reduced implementation times. Our IT services support cost-effective development across retail, mobile, and digital channels.

Whether it is for creation and management of product catalogs, Web storefronts, shopping carts, product recommendation and personalization engines, our digital commerce consulting servicesnot only help in increasing revenue and improving customer experiences, but we also help in rebuilding supply chains and sales processes.

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We design your e-commerce systems using cloud technologies so your systems can scale with the growth in the number of users.

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User experience and user interfaces are key features for the success of e-commerce applications. It is critical to have well designed UX/UI components.

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Security and confidentiality of user data is critical to maintain regulatory compliance and avoid penalties. Data leakages can impact brand and cause huge loss of revenue.

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Integrate your core e-commerce system with new applications without loss of time. Our teams will build the integrations within your timelines & save you significant development costs.

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Digital Marketing

Publish your products and services to your relevant audiences using digital marketing tools such as automated email, recommendation engines, campaign analytics and marketing automation tools.

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Apply analytics to improve every aspect of your e-commerce business – analyze user preferences, monitor inventories, accelerate deliveries, manage supply chains etc.

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