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Ideation to Execution

If you have an idea and are looking to build a product out of it, Atlantis is the right choice. We have been building software products for more than two decades. We apply proven methods and processes, identify the right technologies, design for user experiences, assemble the relevant talent and make sure the product is released as per specifications.

Design to Deployment

Productization is the process of converting ideas into usable products. We help you document the ideas and translate them into specifications. Then, we design the architecture and develop the solution. Many types of tests are performed during product development such as unit tests, integration tests, system tests, performance and security tests before the product is deployed for the consumption by the users.

Choosing the right technologies

Many technologies are available to build products. It is critical to choose the right set of tools to build products and this is based on user research and cost considerations. Our three decades of experience in IT services will allow you to access technical experts, experienced architects, talented developers, user interface designers, technical writers and testers so risks are eliminated and investment is protected.

Process is the product

Product development is a complex process and having the right process is key to the success of any team. Development and Operations (DevOps) come together by implementing the right platform on which to build the products. Product development and software testing infrastructure is necessary to build products systematically, including version control tools and release management systems.

Stable partnership for successful relationship

Atlantis has partnered with many companies across industries to successfully deliver software systems and products. We have built and marketed ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) products, POS (Point of Sale) software and BPM (Business Process Management) solutions. We are working with manufacturing, retail and other industries to automate systems and process across business units. Trust us with your ideas and we will help you realize your product goals.


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