Ramu has 28 years of success inspiring teams and boosting performance through people focused administration. Ramu hasn’t only built culture but also has nurtured talent at SVK Systems, Inc. He has created exceptional experiences for the staff. He has actively aligned the organizational vision and strategy with staff efforts and defined and validated expectations.

He has pioneered and directed the effort to transform SSVK Group into a National level IT/ITES Infrastructure. He has triggered increase in activation growth in all these years.

He has developed a culture of trust and open lines of communication for consultants on a daily basis.

His core strengths include:

• Administrative Efficiency

• Revenue & Growth Planning

• Budgeting & Fiscal Management

• Issue Analysis & Resolution

• Culture Development & Refinement

With a long-term vision, he has Initiated, launched, and recruited professionals to establish SVK as a major IT company. He has overseen SVK to become a go to stop for many clients.

As a Chief Operating Officer, he was promoted to join the senior management team and governed onboarding of many professionals.

He has Defined administrative priorities as well as support services. He has boosted et revenue and also has majorly contributed in reducing overall operational expenses. Has functioned as Ethics & Compliance Officer; minimized risks by developing policies, procedures, and in turn ensuring full compliance. His aim and strategies have been to address issues through training and corrective actions.

Ramu believes that serving mankind is serving GOD. He believes in the shloka which says Keep on performing your duties without expecting for any reward in return. Always lead a selfless life.