Digital technologies are transforming retail industry applications. Our core focus on Retail Point of Sale Software POS systems for retail solutions over decades has enabled us to develop futuristic IT solutions for the retail industry.

Retail Point of Sale Software

Transforming retail business through retail management software

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed lockdown restrictions that affected supply chains due to which the retail industry was adversely impacted. Lack of footfall in the stores also caused business owners to adopt e-commerce technologies at scale. Atlantis retail management software has supported its clients in this transformation by providing digital technologies and talented software resources.

Retail management software

Our POS system for retail improves omni-channel sales

For retailers to succeed, they have to adopt mobile apps, social media tools, cloud technologies, web apps and POS systems for retail to create an omni-channel experience based on their buyers’ expectations. Atlantis has expertise in open source and commercial tools, integrated with our proprietary retail point of sale (POS) software that aims to accelerate retailers’ digital commerce strategies.

POS system for retail

Enhancing retail software solutions through POS Technology

Retail software solutions such as touchless payments, RFID apps and AR/VR technologies are being widely adopted by retailers. POS data is being integrated with head offices in real time to manage inventory, warehouses and supply chains. Atlantis has been providing retail softwaredevelopmentsolutions for small businesses since decades and is supporting with enhancements and upgrades.

Retail software solutions

Implementing retail billing software to scale retail operations

IoT, Analytics, AI/ML and other emerging technologies are being widely adopted by retail and e-commerce industry. Atlantis provides products (WorksWare ERP, BM Cloud, BM POS) and retail billing software solutions that aim to enhance business productivity and profitability of the operations. We support our clients from design to deployment of systems and applications.

Retail billing software

Atlantis retail software services for modernizing the retail industry

For more than three decades Atlantis has developed products and retail software servicesfor the retail industry. From DoS, Windows, Web, and Mobile apps, we have enabled retailers to modernize their technology outlook and adopt scalable architectures to grow their business. Atlantis BM POS has emerged as top retail POS system providers.

Best retail management software

WorksWare ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning software that automates all the business activities across an enterprise.

Retail pro software

BM Cloud is a Software as a Service platform to automate business processes and digitize company operations efficiently.

BM POS (Point of Sale) enables retailers to efficiently manage point of sale activities by automating the workflows involved in managing a POS station.

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