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As an industry leader in talent acquisition and staffing excellence, we work with you as your trusted partner by leveraging strategic insights and advisory services to optimise your workforce potential. With over 3 decades of unparalleled expertise in helping clients navigate the ever-evolving landscape of this industry, our solutions are specifically designed to meet your complex business needs. Our industry-leading workforce strategies, empower you to successfully align your organization with the right talent, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Much more than just a Talent Acquisition Partner

Find your place in a team that values diversity, embraces challenges, and celebrates success.

Technical Recrutiers






Talent acquisition and staffing models

Team-based Augmentation

Our Team-based IT staff augmentation model enables you to recruit an entire IT team dedicated to a specific project. These plug-and-play teams have the much-needed expertise and skills to tackle your business challenges effectively.
The perfect choice when there is no existing in-house team, to address a long-term resource commitment for time-sensitive projects or when your in-house team lacks the expert skillset required to develop specific solutions.
While team augmentation is typically remote, you also have the option to use this model for on-site projects.

Project-based Augmentation

Project-based staff augmentation is most appropriate when there is no specific long-term commitment.
With this model, you can hire expert staff for a specific duration to provide services for a particular project.
This approach allows for the much-needed flexibility in staffing based on project needs without a prolonged fixed commitment.

Talent Acquisition Capabilities

Our talent acquisition capabilities are a result of integrating industry best -practices, and key staffing nuances, fueled by our deep-rooted talent acquisition expertise.

Stay agile and hire when you need

With no significant upfront costs, contingent staffing solutions help you speed-fill positions quickly when you need them. Choose from a range of diverse candidate profiles and deliver on big projects.

Consultants and Contractors

Short-term hires to deliver expert services for key projects which need subject matter expertise.

Full-Time Hires

A part of your in-house project team and is equipped with essential skills required to deliver business outcomes.

Staff Augumentation

A part of your in-house project team and is equipped with essential skills required to deliver business outcomes.


Third-party vendor hires, deployed to handle certain areas of the business and can include full-scale teams.

Hybrid model

A synchronized mix of any of the models above

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