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WorksWare ERP provides solutions that today’s discrete manufacturers need to operate and grow their business. WorksWare offers a solution for all sizes of discrete manufacturers and supports all manufacturing system models. WorksWare is a completely integrated solution, which combines the benefits of automation and intelligence that directly effects business and profits.

WorksWare ERP is very modular and integrity of the system is by combining all these modules tightly.

Sales and Distribution

    • Entire order processing which converts quotes to sales orders right through printing invoices
    • Maintain price lists, discount schemes and sales commission management
    • Generate dispatch plans and track order status
    • Sales returns and complete receivables management

Manufacturing and Planning

    • Master production plan and sub assembly planning
    • Generate production schedules, manage material and equipment capacity
    • Run production feasibility checks
    • Issue and track product level work orders

Inventory Management

    • Create and manage multiple virtual stores
    • Manage issue and receipt of goods
    • Stock transfer from one stores location to another
    • Issue of items as per FIFO/ batch no. wise
    • Maintain safety stock levels
    • Tracking of Item Stock

Purchase Management

    • Define inventory levels
    • Generate procurement plan based on forecasted requirements and BOM explosion
    • Create purchase plans and orders from planned orders
    • Follow up and track progress
    • Maintain vendor information and evaluation details

Financial and Cost Accounting

    • Accounting for multiple companies culminating into final financial statements
    • Create budgets
    • Customized balance sheet views drilled down to transaction account
    • Periodic Expenses and Incomes
    • Cash flow forecasting based on orders received and issued

Time Office & Payroll

    • Employee information, Attendance Muster
    • Payroll calculations
    • Pay slip & Pay sheet generation
    • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports