Worksware ERP Solution for Keetronics India Pvt. Ltd.

Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing company that specialises in manufacturing PCF & PCB membrane Switches, Customised Computer Keyboards with the latest Duraswitch and Capactive technology, for the past 23 years. Due to these dynamics this sector has been an early adapter of ERP, such as this company making special purpose machines with standard configuration, yet customized as per customer specific requirements.

Worksware ERP has been able to get many projects in these domains due to combination of affordable price, delivery, and well defined implementation methodology.

After discussion with management, a multipronged strategy was implemented. After implementing the strategy, at the end of first year inventory carrying cost was reduced by 18% there by improving bottom line.


Keetronics, going through a rapid growth path, found its existing systems obsolete to meet the growing business needs. Primary challenge areas identified were:

  • Improper Management of rapidly growing stocks and inventory
  • Inefficient Planning and managing production matched to demand and supply
  • Lack of Reporting needs for financial decision making


An Easy to Use ERP System with Strong Production Environment, Comprehensive Reporting, and Complete Visibility across the Entire Enterprise

Worksware accommodates the needs of both small and large manufacturing, sales and distribution organizations and gives everyone in the company, complete control over their work area.

Modules offered for Keetronics for a smooth running of production process.

1. Sales module
2. Accounts module – General Ledger Accounts
3. VAT / Sales Tax module
4. Inventory Management module
5. Purchase & Pre-purchase module
6. MRP – Material Requirement Planning module / Supply Chain Management (SCM)
7. BOM – Bill of Materials module
8. Production module (Assembly Production and Process Production) CRM module (Customer relationship management) and pre-sales module.
9. Payroll and HR module
10. Cost sheet module – preparing estimate
11. Order Fulfilment module – Sales Accounting – (Shipping)

Key Benefits Achieved

Efficiency Gains throughout the Organization Gives More Control to the Company for Longterm Growth

  • Centrally managed a single system with minimal maintenance costs
  • Transparency in the recruitment and employee appraisal processes which enabled hiring, engaging and rewarding performance based on the right competencies and proven performance
  • Real time reporting for higher management and tracking of set goals and objectives
  • Informed decision making due to readily available real time reports
  • Centralized control over HR processes, with region level flexibility to implement localized changes
  • Efficiency improvement for HR functions and processes
  • Cost savings due to not having to maintain multiple systems
  • Easy sharing of best practices across the various centers
  • Easy access self-service function made available for employee self-help
  • Easy learning facilitated for common tasks through document sharing and online tutorials, resulting in time and cost savings
  • Increased employee morale, productivity and engagement


The implementation of the BM Cloud inventory system has been a tremendous upgrade from our previous database. Atlantis was extremely thorough in the planning, implementation, and training process to ensure our specifications were met. There was a time not long ago when orders were faxed or called in over the phone. Now everything is ordered with a customer friendly online portal. This is just one of many upgrades Atlantis has provided us with.

I have been working with Atlantis, specifically Darren and Naveen, for the past several years. They are quick to respond and resolve any questions or issues that we may have. When we request a new report or ask for a feature to be changed, the project gets completed in a timely manner. With the help of the BM Cloud I have been able to work more efficiently and maintain inventory effectively in all our warehouses. I look forward to our continued business relationship! Thank you!

Mathew F. Wiencis, Chief Distribution Officer
Rhode Island Corrections of Department