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Spring ISD was tasked with sourcing a new Warehouse Management System that not only met the unique needs of our Distribution Services Department but that also fit within the parameters of our budget constraints. Atlantis Consulting group was able to provide a customized warehouse management solution that we seamlessly integrated into our current processes and implemented in the short span of 3 months. The Atlantis team took the time to learn our district processes and understand our previous challenges and then customize their solution to fit our needs. Care was taken in a phased training approach as the team created a test site specifically for training on each process step. Prior to go-live, Atlantis provided detailed procedure and instructional manuals and even conducted two site visits from Canada to Houston, Texas to ensure success. Our end users have commented on the system's ease of use and the increased functionality while reducing manual processes and paperwork. The Spring ISD team has been most pleased with the hands-on service provided by the Atlantis group as we have been provided direct contact numbers for questions and customer service. Overall, the implementation has been vastly successful!

Nicole BarnettDirector of Distribution Services

The implementation of the BM Cloud inventory system has been a tremendous upgrade from our previous database. Atlantis was extremely thorough in the planning, implementation, and training process to ensure our specifications were met. There was a time not long ago when orders were faxed or called in over the phone. Now everything is ordered with a customer friendly online portal. This is just one of many upgrades Atlantis has provided us with. I have been working with Atlantis, specifically Darren and Naveen, for the past several years. They are quick to respond and resolve any questions or issues that we may have. When we request a new report or ask for a feature to be changed, the project gets completed in a timely manner. With the help of the BM Cloud I have been able to work more efficiently and maintain inventory effectively in all our warehouses. I look forward to our continued business relationship! Thank you!

Matthew F. WiencisChief Distribution Officer